Stewardship Garden

The Twelve Gardens of Stewardship

As Christian Stewards, we are responsible for, and held accountable for, developing our talents and gifts – all of which come from a loving God. nurturing these gifts requires prayerful allocation of our time and resources in many areas of our lives. While these areas may overlap and intersect, each has an important place in the development of our personal vocation.

Using the image of a garden, we may ask ourselves how well we ‘cultivate’ and ‘tend to’ these various areas of our lives.

Garden of Creation

– Care for the environment, recycle, don’t waste natural resources.

Garden of Relationships

 Nurture relationships with family, friends and those important to you.

Garden of the Soul

– Cultivate your spiritual life through Mass, prayer, meditation and study.

Garden of History

– Know and value our history and traditions, especially in regards to making decisions.

Garden of Money

– Control your money.  Deliberately set and keep a budget.  Honestly and regularly assess your use of your financial resources.

Garden of Emotions

– Strive for emotional growth, development and balance.  Make good humor your priority.

Garden of Decisions

– Make well informed decisions, exercise prudence, understanding and collaboration, always mindful of the mission of Jesus.

Garden of the Mind

– Make learning a lifelong vocation.  Continue to develop your knowledge and intellect.

Garden of Citizenship

– Be politically aware, involved and active.  Stay well informed.  Vote.

Garden of the Body

– Get proper nutrition, exercise and rest.  Avoid smoking and chemical abuse.

Garden of the Arts

– Appreciate and use the fine arts to expand your knowledge and lift up your spirit.

Garden of Technology

– Use technology for good and not for evil; for gaining knowledge and benefiting others.

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