Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Current Faith Formation Commission members: Melissa Nixon (Chair), Barb Bierlein, Gwen Neering, Jayne Navarro, Misty Patricka, Linda Smith (PC Rep), Rick Sochacki (Staff)

Strengthening Faith Through Education

The Faith Formation Commission is an advisory and consultative to the pastor and Director of Faith Formation in matters pertaining to religious education/formation for all ages, youth ministry, sacramental preparation and family ministry.  Responsibilities include assistance in  formation of programs and services, communications between pastor, staff, and the parish community, and linkage to other  principle ministries of Liturgy & Worship, Christian Service, and Stewardship.  Time commitment 1.5 hour meeting monthly, other meetings as needed.  Currently at St. Jude there are several ways to be involved in Faith Formation.

Faith Formation Commission Member works with the pastor and parish staff along with other Commission members to give direction to the parish.  Member help create long and short-term goals for the parish faith formation programs.  

Good Shepherd Catechist  Click Here for  More Information on Good Shepherd Program
Children are provided fan opportunity to explore their relationship with God through prayer, liturgy, scripture, and the liturgical year, in a special environment called an atrium. Opportunities are available  for volunteers to share their love for God through serving as a catechist, presenting planned lessons to the children; to aid in the spiritual formation of children from  pre-school through 5th grade.  Time commitment: extensive training required; plus 25 - 90 minute sessions with children from September through April.

Good Shepherd Assistant
Assist catechists and children with the physical and spiritual environment so all of the children can successfully participate in the atrium experience.  Time commitment 25 - 90 minute sessions with catechist and children.  Programs operate September through April.

RCIA Right of Catholic Initiation for Adults
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process through which adults discern if the Catholic tradition of the Christian life is appropriate for them. Through discussions, prayers, and reflection, we accompany the person on this journey of faith, allowing each person to develop a relationship with God.
This process fosters the spiritual needs of the following persons:

  • Those adults never baptized, who seek to become Catholic,
  • Those adults baptized in another Christian church, who seeks to be Catholic.
  • Those adults already baptized as Catholic, but who have not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

When a person considers becoming a Catholic, we, the community of Holy Name Cathedral, welcome him or her to begin the process from the moment of Inquiry. For us, RCIA is not a program, based on the school calendar.  Rather, it is a process, allowing an Inquirer to begin discernment at any time.  This perspective also allows each person, along with the team, to determine the length of the process.  Each person has a unique relationship with God, and our team’s objective is to accompany each person on that journey.

Youth Ministry
Make a difference in the life of a younger person through assisting with ministry classes and activities including leading small group discussions, helping plan classes, and activities, driving, being a chaperone, etc.  Time commitment is flexible.

Youth Ministry Prayer Blanket Ministry
Using material donated by parishioners, our youth create beautiful blankets to give to older  people, the sick, or a child in need of a blanket for comfort.  While making the blankets, youth pray together for the people who will receive the blankets, asking for comfort, peace, and God's healing.  Volunteers are needed to oversee blanket making and distribution.  Time commitment is flexible.

Youth Ministry Coffee House Chaperones Click here for Pictures of Coffee House
The coffee house is a project of the six parishes of Bay City.  Chaperones are needed on Friday evenings when  youth gather and occasionally throughout the week to plan special activities.  Time commitment is flexible.

Youth Ministry Easter Event
Volunteers are needed for this annual event to fill eggs, hide them, and assist young people as they search for the eggs.  This is an excellent ministry for teens, young adults, and families.  Time commitment is 2 to 4 hours once per year. 



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