Christian Service Commission


Homebound Communion Minister: Visit and take communion to one of our homebound on a regular basis. (1 hr. of time once or twice a month) Training provided.

Hospital Communion Minister: Take communion to parishioners in the hospital on Sunday mornings. (1 hr. of time once every two months) Training provided.

Bay Medical Care Facility Communion Minister : Be a part of a team who takes communion to Catholic residents  at the Care Facility on Hampton Rd. on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00am (1-1/2  hr. of time /4 times a year). Training provided.

Food of Faith: Become involved with preparing and serving a hot meal to the poor of the community at a local church (Group effort).  (1- 4 hrs. of time) Currently our parish participates two times a year.

Prayer Line: Become a part of a prayer chain, praying for others according to special prayer requests received. Time required – daily.

Hospitality: The first and third weekend of each month, hospitality is provided after all Masses as a time for parishioners to socialize and also to meet new members. Coffee, punch and cookies/doughnuts are served. Hospitality also is provided for special events of the parish.  Assist with the set up and serving on scheduled weekend. (1-3hrs of time 4/5 times a year).

Funeral Luncheon Team: Assist with calling parishioners to bring a dish for the funeral luncheon, or  becoming a part of a team and  helping in the kitchen to prepare and serve the luncheon.  (3-4 hrs. of time once a month).

Open Door: Seniors meet every Monday morning at 9:00am in the church Gathering Room. They come and play cards, sometimes have a potluck or take a trip. All are welcome.

Blood Pressure Clinic: RN to help take blood pressure readings at Open Door on Monday morning at 9:00am. Once a month, 30 minutes of time required.

Birthday Cards to Homebound : Birthday cards are sent to all of our homebound parishioners, as well as parishioners 90yrs or older.

Christmas Plants to the Homebound: Help distribute plants to our homebound parishioners. (1-2 hrs. of time required).



Catechist:  To share the Word of God and teachings of the Catholic Church with children and/or youth.  Training is provided.

Associate Catechist:  Assist the catechist.

Special Projects Volunteer:  Support the Faith Formation programs by helping with office work, preparing materials, preparing or serving refreshments, baking cookies taking pictures at events, sewing, crafts, small carpentry items chaperone at youth events, calligraphy, making posters, etc.

Youth Ministry:  Assist with youth ministry classes and/or activities.  These may include leading small group  discussions, helping plan classes and/or activities, driving, being a chaperone, etc.

Adults:  Assist in planning and carrying out programs for adults.  These may include, but are not limited to, programs for singles, married couples, various age groups, understanding Catholicism, contemporary moral issues, bible study, and other topics.

Christian Initiation (RCIA):  Help prepare adults, youth or children for initiation into the Catholic Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmaiton and Eucharist by serving as a member of the RCIA team, or being a sponsor.



Stewardship Committee:  Promote stewardship for each parishioner and as a way of life.  Assist in planning the annual parish time, talent, and treasure renewal process.

Sharing Committee:  Responsible for disbursement of the parish’s 3% financial contribution toward needs of individuals or organizations.



Art & Environment:  Many talents are needed.  This may involve assisting with the planning for special season and events, decorating and design of the environment, sewing of banners, etc. (Men needed)

Greeter:  Serves the community by setting the tone of hospitality as the people enter the worship space and offers each person a worship aide.

User:  Assist in welcoming the assembly, finding appropriate seating as needed, assist with collection and communion procedures during the liturgy and hand out bulletins after Mass.

Sacristan:  Assist with all ministers as they arrive.  Make sure tha ll is prepared for the liturgy.

Eucharistic Minister:  Assist in distribution of the Eucharist with prayer, reverence and dignity.  Initial and occasional training provided.

Lector:  Proclaim the Word of God in the first two readings of the liturgy.  Initial and occasional training provided.

Altar Server:  Persons in grade four or above are invited to serve at Mass.  Training provided.

Adult & Youth Choir:  Meet on Wednesday evenings and for special feasts, such as Easter.  Practice also may be held on Sundays before or after Mass.

Children’s Choir:  Sing seasonally; practices as needed on Wednesdays after school.

Funeral Choir:  Sing at the funerals of St. Jude Thaddeus parishioners.

Cantor:  Lead singing for liturgical celebrations.

Instrumentalist:  All talents and all instruments welcome to be played at special celebrations throughout the year.

Organist/Pianist:  To assist Music Minister, accompany the choir/cantor and assembly at liturgical celebrations.

Hand Bell Choir:  Play for special feasts such as Christmas or Easter.  Grades 4 through adult.  Training provided.



Pastoral Council/Commissions/Committees:  Serve as a member of Pastoral Council, Worship (Liturgy), Christian Service (Outreach), Faith Formation, or Finance (Finance, Building & Grounds, Personnel) Commission or the School Committee.

Altar Society:  Organizes church cleaning; sponsors an annual Bake Sale on Palm Sunday to raise funds for altar needs.  Attend monthly meetings.

Parish Center Projects:  Assist with the preparation of mailings, stuffing envelopes and bulletin inserts; general office help, answering an afternoon of phone messages.

Cleaning Church:  Assist with light cleaning of chapel and sacristies, once a week/one month a year.  Assist with group church cleaning/Christmas/Easter time.

Skills Bank:  Listing your  name and skill, talent or professional skill which may be called on if needed.  Note:  (On your form write what your skill is).

Picture Taking/Video Taping:  Available for various parish functions to assist with digital picture taking or video taping.



What is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
…. and what do they do?

The charitable works of this Catholic lay-organization may both surprise and amaze you, particularly what is accomplished right here in Bay County.

The members meet in Parish and District groups in order to help, in a personal way, those in need.

The Bay County Council is made up fo eight area Parish Conferences and the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store located on Michigan and 26th St.  While the primaty type of help given to the needy consists of food an grocery items, handled by men and women of the Conference, assistance is also provided in many other ways.  These can range from utilities, travel aid, and rent to medical help for those not able to get assistance through regular agencies.

Where the the funds come from, to quietly do these things?  They come from the St. Vincent de Paul boxes, located in church and special collections at member Parishes.  Another big source is from funds generated here in Bay County by our own St. Vincent Thrift Store.

What is the impact of this community help?  Would you believe that in the past year, the value of food and assistance given in the Bay County area totaled $481,077.

If interested in more information or to join, contact Sue Dansereau or Sue Andreski.




Welcome Potential Altar Society Member!

Our Altar Society would love to have you as part of our society!  We welcome any lady of the parish 18 and older.  We hope you will come to one of our meetings.

We do many fun and exciting things which benefit the parish as a whole.  Bring a friend or neighbor with you to our meetings.

We have leadership roles for ladies as well, connecting our Altar Society together with a president, vice president, and financial securetary.  Acts of Stewardship are also roles that can be fulfilled with our time by watering flowers and plants in the church or making baked goods for our bake sales.  We also have a team of two ladies who clean the altars and sacristy for a month long time period.  This usually takes an hour to complete and we certainly could use help with this since a few or our members are in the 90′ s and unable to do this anymore.  We are always in need of hostesses at our meetings to make a dessert and to bring a few prizes for Bingo.

We have one bake sale with the money raised donated to the parish for the purchase of bread and wine.  We also pay for the purificators to be laundered, purchase altar server robes, priest vestments, lectionaries and the like.  We also maintain the flower fund for the parish.

We have a Holiday Party every year; it is a potluck supper in the St. Jude Thaddeus Cafeteria.  The Bulletin states when our meetings are and our gatherings are.  We have entertainment provided at the Holiday Party and Bingo at our meetings.  The second Wednesday of each month is when our meetings are held at the cafeteria.  Our dues will remain $2.00 a year, January through December.  If you’d like, you can even drop the dues in the collection basket with “Altar Society” written on the envelope.

The Altar Society is the only remaining active church organization at St. Jude Thaddeus.  We hope you will join us and have as much fun learning and getting to know more of our parishioners.  Maybe you will gain some lifelong friends as well.


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